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In today’s world, business owners are looking for new ways to reach the largest audience in the shortest amount of time.

Without a proper strategy from the beginning, your company is at risk of overspending as you layer one solution on top of another.

Most companies don’t realize how important a holistic IT strategy is to the long-term success of their organization. But an all-encompassing approach is crucial because IT touches almost everything your company does.

Our Solutions


Support and Migration of
Legacy IT Systems

Upgrading to
Modern Systems

Navigating the Information
Assurance Certification Process

Decades of Defense IT Experience

Overcome Challenging Government and Industry Technology Issues

Identifying is the most crucial step in everything we do. People want to be seen and heard. But you don’t need a significant social presence or a massive server to achieve this. So instead, we’re focused on helping you identify the right technology and the proper implementation that delivers the results you need with the ability to expand as your business grows. Whether you are looking to establish a proper IT strategy from the start or want to align what has already been created, we can help.

Program Manager, Marine Intelligence (PMMI)

Technical Support
System Architecture Development
System of Systems Support
Cybersecurity Certification
Internet Support Plan (ISP) Development
Cross Architecture Analysis
Database Configuration Management
Strategy Authoring
Software Version Document (SVD) Development
Software Tracking Database Creation
Systems Engineering and Cyber Security Database Creation
Policy and Guidance Recommendations
Virtualization Technology Policy and Guidance
Virtualization Guidebook Creation
Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) Creation
Technical Analysis
Emerging Technologies Recommendations
Technical Analysis and Recommendations
Software Virtualization and Security Briefs
Interface Analysis
Data Management
Technical Education

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Corona Division

Data Migration Strategies
Integrated Master Schedule Development
Alternatives Assessment
Automated Function Algorithms Development
Functional Analysis
Course of Action (COA) Analysis
Specified Quantity Assurance
Quality Control (QC)
SharePoint Utilization

Core Capabilities