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Life Cycle Logistics & Support

Sedulous has real-world, tactical expertise in managing and moving the iron mountain required to support today’s modern military.

We leverage best practices learned from first-hand support of The United States Marine Corps during war-time Operational Tempo for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan to integrate numerous logistical facets into an effective enterprise logistics support program. 

Mastering these concepts is only the beginning of world-class logistics support. Maintaining the supply chain and meeting the maintenance and survivability needs of each vehicle and weapons platform are critical elements in modern military logistical support.

World-Class Logistics Support


Supply Chain Design& Management

Manpower, Personnel &
Training Analysis

Technical Writing & Publication Support

Our Experience

Sustainable, Maintainable, and Reliable Solutions

Marine Corps Systems Command, Program Manager, Medium and Heavy Tactical Vehicles (PM MHTV)

Configuration Management
Cost Analysis Support
Logistics Support
Integration Support
Systems Engineering Support
Safety and Survivability Support
Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) Development
MHTV Vehicle Sustainment
Subcontracting Management
Vehicle Modification Support
Technical Manual Writing and Illustrating
Validation and Verification (Val/Ver)

Program Manager, Advanced Amphibious Assault (AAA)

Contractor Personnel and Task Tracking
Risk Mitigation Plan Development
Information Brief Development
Technical White Papers Development
Budget Process Support
Total Life Cycle Support (TLCS) Management
Logistics Documentation
Logistics Integrated Schedule
Supply Chain Strategic Forecasting
Process Improvement
Independent Logistic Audits (ILAs)
Supply Support Analysis Assistance
Manpower Estimate Report (MER) Development
Operation, Maintenance, Training Analysis
Vehicle Integration Support
Configuration Management

Assistant Commander, Acquisition Logistics and Product Support (AC ALPS

Product Support Policies, Process Development
Product Support Analysis
Technical Publications Template Creation

Core Capabilities